Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a Catholic

I have absolutely NO memory of a time that I wasn't in church. There may have been a time. My parents came from very different religious backgrounds and moved quite a bit with my dad being in the Air Force. That would have caused some issues with coming together on a church, so I guess that I probably had a time in my very early life that I wasn't in church, but I don't remember it. My kids will be the same way. In fact they have had to have it explained to them that not everyone believes in Jesus. They are appalled and can't quite get that, but that is what happens when kids are immersed in a church family from birth.
My own experience was similar to many of yours. Because I was always in church and learned and believed and felt that I had "prayed the prayer" in church, in Sunday School, at revivals, etc. that I was good to go. I know that when I finally actually took the walk to the altar it wasn't a thunder clap or an amazing transformation because it was more like a baptism. I was simply going forward to make it a commitment in front of everyone else. It wasn't a sonic boom. It was more of a marriage. A courtship since I was old enough to learn about Him and a marriage when I was old enough to accept that gift.
Fast forward 25+ years. Two boys move in next door to us. Neither have ever really been to church. My boys invite them and they go. They enjoy it. My kids invite them to Kid's Quest and they go. The older child, Tyler, got in the car on the first day and was bouncing all around the car. I asked him how it was and he said, "It was GREAT! I thought that we were going to just sing and play games and stuff but we did SO much more! And guess what???!!! I became a Catholic!!!!"
Me:"You mean a Christian?"
Him:"Yeah, I did that thing to get Jesus!"
Hmmmm...sonic boom??? I'd say so. He knew nothing, nothing....NOTHing (OK, my private Hogan's Heroes thing) about being "saved", "born again", or any of the other catch phrases that we use. All he knew was that he "did that THING to get Jesus". A 12 year old boy who is now on fire for God...not that he even would understand what that means...but I watched him worship and he's caught on fire. Sometimes I'm sad that I didn't have a sonic boom. But I was put before the King as a baby and He chased me and I knew His face because I was introduced to Him by my parents. So I know the feeling of never being unchased...of always knowing that my Lord was pursuing me. But Tyler has the knowledge all at once that his Lord has been seeking him all of his life. I don't know which one is sweeter...knowing and being in relationship all your life or sonic boom where you just realize that you are so amazing in His eyes that He pursued you even when you didn't even know that He existed.
God is so amazing. Sonic Boom or quiet, loving relationship or anything in between...He knows what reaches our hearts in every area of our lives. We just have to be pliant enough to look at how God is reaching out to us.
Homework...How was your relationship developed with the Lord? Was it a rush where your heart was overtaken? Was it quiet love that wrapped you up and didn't let go? Write your love story with the Lord. How did He woo you? How did you respond? If you want to share you can send them to this email and I'll post them if you want or just read them for myself if you want.
God Bless you all and keep moving toward Him!