Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday's Coming

Happy Easter!!!
You know I have been thinking this past week about what every day of the week must have been like for Jesus as He headed towards Easter. He experienced so many things in that one week: triumph, sorrow, fear, loneliness, betrayal, resignation, disgust, sympathy, empathy, pain, horror, victory and love. Love. I think about what He went through on the cross for me and it shames me. Humbles me. Envelopes me. Saddens me. And yet...Sunday's coming. SUNDAY'S COMING!! Jesus had that knowledge even when He was being beaten, hanging on the cross and being defiled by our sins. It had to be the whisper from the Father that kept Him going...Sunday's coming! Then the cross. Even as the Father had to turn His back on our sin encompassing His Son He had whispered...Sunday's coming! The veil was torn and the Father shouted...Sunday's coming! The stone was rolled away and the whole earth shuddered with the thunder...SUNDAY'S HERE!!!!
Some of us are in places that make us wonder if we have been forgotten. No one in THIS world seems to care. Our friends don't seem to understand our pain. Our spouses are indifferent. Our finances are strained. Our houses are a mess. Our jobs are tedious. And there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. But...Sunday's coming! It might feel like it's just a whisper right now. Maybe it is. Maybe you are so far away from God that the whisper can't even be heard. But the thing is that God hasn't moved. If you're having trouble hearing listen. Move closer...Sunday's coming! He's waiting to show you the wonder and the security that comes when you hear Him...Sunday's coming! But you know what? People, finances, jobs, houses...none of them are responsible for our happiness. Looking at them to make you happy is just getting yourself stuck on Friday. If there is one thing that I want to say to give you hope is this: SUNDAY'S HERE!!!!
He's paid the price and covered the sin. It's over. Don't get stuck on Friday. Start living like you know that Sunday's coming. Because the promise of Sunday is what separates us as Christians. WE know that the promise is that Jesus has conquered death, hell and the grave and He's coming back for us. SUNDAY'S COMING!!!

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