Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Humble Pie

Humble Pie! I got my 2 fisted helping today. I was in a hurry. It seems like I am always in a hurry...or waiting...or both. Today was both. I ran in to Walmart to get a few quick things. Whoever came up with the idea of a Superstore has an eternal place of gratitude in my heart. Busy moms running in and out of several stores and dragging tired or wired or hungry or cranky or have-to-go-potty kids in and out of the car with them, pledge our allegiance to the creator of the Superstore. So I had to get a few things and I ran in with Laryn, 5, and grabbed what I needed, dodged the toy aisle and got to the 20 items or less line in about 10 minutes (MIRACLE!!). In line in front of me was a young man about 20, another mom arguing with a 2 year old over a chocolate bar and right in front of me was an elderly lady with a card and a nick knack. She started talking to Laryn. She's a very outgoing child and was carrying on this conversation which kept me from having to argue with HER about a chocolate bar and I kind of zoned thinking about what else I had to do before the other 3 kids get out of school for the summer. The line moved predictably until this lady got to the counter. I tuned back in. She was still carrying on a conversation with old are aren't you a big girl...what school do you go to...typical elderly lady/5 year old conversation. I was getting impatient. She hadn't taken out her wallet, debit card or any other form of payment. She just settled her purse on the counter and started talking to the clerk. Good grief! Couldn't she see there was a line behind us? Couldn't she see I was in a hurry? She introduced Laryn to the clerk. She took out her wallet and took out cash. UGH! I am REALLY in a hurry. All the while she is still chatting with Laryn and the clerk. She starts counting $1 bills. Hands them to the clerk. The clerk glances at me and rolls her eyes and the woman begins counting change. Oh for crying out loud! Use your debit card! This line is for people in a HURRY! She gets the change (exact!) and begins putting her purse back together...without moving away from the counter. I am really, really getting impatient now. As she gets her purse back together she bends over and says to Laryn, "Laryn, do you know that Jesus loves you?", Laryn says yes. Bella (Laryn told me her name later) then says, "Laryn, I am SO glad that you know that! My son-in-law doesn't believe that Jesus loves him and he wouldn't let my daughter take my granddaughter to church or tell her that Jesus loves her and they got into a car accident in Maine 3 weeks ago and my granddaughter died. She was only 6 and no one was ever allowed to tell her that Jesus loved her. I believe that because she was so young she is back with Jesus right now, but I am so very sad that no one told her about Jesus so I want to make sure that I don't go any where without telling someone that Jesus loves them." Laryn (remember outgoing) gives this lady a hug and said, "Jesus loves you, too." The lady collected her bag, her purse and her receipt and smiled at everyone waiting in line and walked out.
Humble Pie. A clerk rolling her eyes. Me tapping my foot. Looking at the clock on my phone. Zoning out to think about what I needed. And an elderly lady making sure that a 5 year old knows that Jesus loves her.
Dear Lord, PLEASE make me more aware of the people around me. They are Your children and not just obstacles to me getting where I need to go. I don't ever want to be in such a hurry that I can't take the time to tell someone that You love them. Please be with Bella in her grief. Bless her for being the person that made me eat humble pie today and realize that being in a hurry is no excuse for being tuned out. Don't let me take for granted the love and grace that You have given me. I love You and honor You. In Jesus' name.

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